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Native to Earth was founded in 2017 to raise awareness on the effects of climate change. We shifted our mission and focus to invest in areas of mental health and providing resources for our underserved communities because mental health disorders and the lack of education and resources prevent us from taking the steps to combat climate change. We think globally but act locally to help our neighbors and communities. We invest in sustainable programs to ensure consistent growth.


We develop programs that are sustainable, locally and beyond.

We donate financially to organizations that focus on mental health and donate our time to hold events for our communities in the areas of yoga, mediation, therapy, breath-work and more. We provide homeless shelters with re-fillable stainless steel water bottles to ensure people have access to water.

We donate school supplies and non-battery operated/nonelectric prizes to underserved schools who lack the resources for basic necessities. We work with these schools to develop an "Annual Mind and Body Fundraiser" so they can sustainably raise money to purchase their own supplies or invest in educational programs year after year.

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